Several authors I know have recently released books you should check out!

  • F. James Blair just released the fourth Bulletproof Witch Novel, Death Rides at Sunset. If you haven’t read the series, it’s got magic gunfights, talking horses, and a protagonist out to avenge her family against the demon that killed them. I’m a huge fan, and this one’s the best book in the series so far. (I get to beta read the books, which is awesome.)
  • Andrew Rowe just released an Audible Original story, How To Defeat A Demon in Ten Easy Steps. It’s pretty short — only five hours or so — but it’s an absolute blast, and it’s free for Audible members. (I’m about 4 hours in, and it just came out today!)
  • Will Wight just released the dual conclusions to his Shadow and Sea Elder Empire trilogies! If you haven’t encountered them before, they’re two parallel trilogies, the Shadow trilogy and the Sea trilogy, which follow a high-stakes battle for the future of the Empire after the death of the immortal, god-like Emperor. The main problem? Said Emperor was the one keeping the Great Elders, evil Lovecraftian deities, locked away in their tombs. The two protagonists of the trilogies are directly opposed to one another, and each book takes place side-by-side.
  • Oh, and, uh, just another reminder, I released my newest novel, The Wrack, just a few days ago.

John Bierce

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