The Art Worlds of John Bierce

Commissioned Art

The Last Echo of
the Lord of Bells

Commissioning cover art for my novels is one of my absolute favorite parts of being an indie author ⏤ absolutely adore it. One of the few parts I like more? Getting to show off those covers, and talk about the process.

Click HERE to walk through the process.

Kanderon Crux DragonCon 2022 Commission

Kanderon Crux


In Celebration

r/MageErrant hits 1000 members

To celebrate r/MageErrant hitting 1000 members, I commissioned isometric voxel art of Imperial Ithos, before and after its destruction!

It’s even got the bioluminescent algae in the canals during the nighttime/before destruction shot!

Into the

In January 2022, I commissioned a cover redesign for Into the Labyrinth, Book 1 of Mage Errant.

For a description of the process (with, yes, a healthy bit of commentary), click HERE.

Jewel of
the Endless Erg

Over the last year, I’ve been replacing the covers of my old books with new covers using the same art team as the later books ⏤ Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer ⏤ and I’m excited to be able to show you the next new cover, for Book 2, Jewel of the Endless Erg.

For a detailed description of how this came together, click HERE.

The Siege
of Skyhold

Part of the process for this cover involved a lot of back and forth on tricks to make the mountain of Skyhold look bigger (dropping the horizon line/shrinking the amount of desert, curving some of the contours of the mountain, etc).

Click HERE for an intimate look at the process.