Traitor in Skyhold paperback

A Traitor in Skyhold is now available in paperback!

Sorry it took so long, it takes about ten times as much work to get the paperback set up as the ebook. (Amusingly, paperbacks makes up less than 1% of my profits.) Now that I’m a digital nomad and traveling full-time, it also means that checking proof copies is much more difficult. (I’ve got to send them to my brother, who looks over them and sends me photos and feedback.)

I’m weird, and I like weird things.

So a guy I knew back in college is making a videogame called Thine Own. First and foremost, it’s, well, an ecosystem simulator for medieval Southern England.

I am unbelievably excited over this. I mean, there’s more to the game than that, of course, but I’m a giant nerd for anything ecological, so I was literally sold on the whole project the instant I heard ecosystem simulator. This is the exact kind of weird thing I love.

Thine Own is still early in development, but it already looks absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see more. You should give the first look video a watch!

If Thine Own looks up your alley and you’d like to support it, you can back it on Patreon or just share the word- publicity helps!

A Traitor in Skyhold has been uploaded to Amazon

Like the title says, A Traitor in Skyhold, book 3 of Mage Errant, has officially been uploaded to Amazon. (It’s August 20th somewhere, after all!) Amazon claims it can take up to 72 hours to appear on the site, but I’ve never had it take more than a few hours before is now available!
I hope you all enjoy it!

If you haven’t read books 1 and 2 yet, they’ll be going on sale in the Kindle store for US and UK customers on the 20th! In addition, the audiobook will be available on the 20th as well!


Hugh and his friends have, to his great displeasure, become the center of attention among the student body at Skyhold. It turns out that surviving the depths of the labyrinth and helping stop a coup both tend to attract notice. If Hugh had his way, he’d happily go back to being just another anonymous student. He has more than enough to deal with already as he starts his second year, between his crushing load of schoolwork, training as a prospective candidate to the Librarians Errant, and navigating a long distance relationship.

Oh, and the fact that Hugh and company have been dragged into trying to catch a traitor on the Skyhold Council doesn’t make life any easier. Nor does it help that the traitor is working with the demon Bakori, who lurks in the depths of the labyrinth below Skyhold, waiting for his chance at revenge.

Traitor in Skyhold - High Resolution

I started a Patreon!

I started a Patreon! I’ll be publishing a short story a month, each set in the world of whatever series I’m currently working on. There’s already a short story up now, too! It takes place during the events of A Traitor in Skyhold, and gives you an opportunity to see Alustin out on a mission on his own.

And by mission, I mean he’s playing cards, because if there’s one thing that James Bond should have taught us all, gambling is an essential part of espionage.

It took me quite a while to decide about starting a Patreon- I definitely felt a little weird about the whole idea at first. Given that much more successful authors (N.K. Jemisin, notably) have started them, though, I figured swallowing my pride wasn’t too big of a deal. And, even though I’m actually making a decent (lower middle class) income for the first time in my adult life off my books, my student loans are still pretty crippling- in the range of 50k. Having a little extra to throw at them every month would definitely lower my stress quite a bit. (Not to mention help me escape debt a little faster.)

And, if Patreons aren’t your thing, no worries- I do plan to eventually compile most of the short stories into book form!

Eventually. It’ll be a while. I need to give you all some incentive to back my Patreon. And I might keep a few short stories as Patreon exclusives, we’ll see.