Got a few short news items for y’all!

  • First off, the Mage Errant short story anthology, The Gorgon Incident and Other Stories, will be out on February 27th in ebook and audio! (And hopefully paperback as well, if things go as planned.) It compiles the Mage Errant short stories from the first few years of my Patreon, covering 500 years of Ithonian history. Pre-orders are up now!
  • The Gorgon Incident cover reveal is out, and you can see the whole cover creation process on booktuber Petrik Leo’s blog!
  • Next, I’ve had several online appearances recently!
    • I was on a TBRCON panel on scifi and fantasy anime and manga recently, along with authors Ada Palmer, Nicholas Eames, Wolfe Locke, and animator Austin Hardwicke!
    • I had an appearance on the CritRPG Podcast, talking about my books, writing advice, progression fantasy and LitRPG, and more!
    • I taught a class on Complex Magic System Design for Elegant Literature Magazine! It’s about an hour and a half long, and I go deep into some weird, esoteric topics like taxonomic studies, game design, real world science, and more! It’s only available to Elegant Literature subscribers, but it’s a pretty cool magazine⏤it’s the only magazine that exclusively accepts submissions from debut authors, and pays professional rates to them!
  • I’m still hard at work on my new series, More Gods Than Stars! I’ll keep you all updated there.
  • I’m now officially listening to my podcasts at 4x speed. Honestly, just proud of this one and wanted to brag a little.

And here’s a not-speeded-up audio preview of The Gorgon Incident:



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