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Tongue Eater
Mage Errant Book 6

“The sheer detail, world building, created history, and character development is amazing. I love this series.”

Garrett • Amazon Review

The Art Worlds of John Bierce

You can’t judge a book by its cover (but these covers are awesome).
View a gallery of Aetheriad book covers and fan art.

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Update: Two Kinds of Bells

October 3rd, 2022|

Few quick updates for y'all: First, and what most of you are probably most concerned about: the Book 7 release date.

Tongue Eater: Audiobook

September 16th, 2022|

The audiobook for Tongue Eater: Mage Errant Book 6 is out now on Audible, narrated once more by the incredible Ralph Lister!

Indie August!

August 21st, 2022|

It's Indie August! You can get six awesome indie epic fantasy titles, including Into the Labyrinth, on sale until the end of the month.

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