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Paperback, audiobook, and life updates


Mage Errant Book 7: On the audio front, the audiobook is on schedule for release on August 29th!

Paperback, audiobook, and life updates2023-06-08T11:26:40-04:00

Mage Errant Book 7: Out Now!


Mage Errant Book 7, The Last Echo of the Lord of Bells, is out now! It's the series finale, and it's been one heck of a ride.

Mage Errant Book 7: Out Now!2023-05-13T11:32:42-04:00

Ring Them Bells


Mage Errant Book 7, the Last Echo of the Lord of Bells, will be coming out May 14th in ebook format, and is available for pre-order now!

Ring Them Bells2023-04-24T11:57:12-04:00

Update: Two Kinds of Bells


Few quick updates for y'all: First, and what most of you are probably most concerned about: the Book 7 release date.

Update: Two Kinds of Bells2022-10-03T11:20:42-04:00

Tongue Eater: Audiobook


The audiobook for Tongue Eater: Mage Errant Book 6 is out now on Audible, narrated once more by the incredible Ralph Lister!

Tongue Eater: Audiobook2022-09-16T08:42:57-04:00

Indie August!


It's Indie August! You can get six awesome indie epic fantasy titles, including Into the Labyrinth, on sale until the end of the month.

Indie August!2022-08-21T13:49:33-04:00

Mage Errant Book 6 Release


Mage Errant Book 6: Tongue Eater, is now available on Amazon! This one also contains the bonus Mage Errant novella Gram of Clan Castis.

Mage Errant Book 6 Release2022-04-24T19:11:19-04:00