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The Siege of Skyhold

Mage Errant • Book 5

The Havath Dominion is marching to war.

Humiliated in the ruins of Imperial Ithos, with the Exile Splinter stolen from their grasp by the ancient sphinx Kanderon Crux, Havath’s Duarchs have assembled an army that dwarfs the entire population of Skyhold. Led by their Great Powers, monsters and mages individually capable of leveling a city, they pose a threat that even Kanderon, one of the mightiest of Great Powers, and her equally monstrous allies might be unable to stop.

As the Havathi forces push closer and closer to Skyhold, Hugh and his friends train relentlessly, hoping to make a difference in the oncoming siege. While they venture into dangerous realms of untested experimental magic, though, they’re already caught up in currents far beyond their control.

Once you’re a pawn in the games of the Great Powers, there’s no escape.

Let multiple Audie Award-winning voice artist Ralph Lister take you further into the saga of Hugh of Emblin: Don’t miss the fifth installment of this epic coming-of-age fantasy.

“Action packed with a lot of intrigue and dramatis, Keeps moving from one strong point to the next until the shocking finale. Ralph Lister does a fantastic job of consistently keeping his voices flowing, and a fantastic job on those voices as well.”

Musique • Audible Review

The Lost City of Ithos

Mage Errant • Book 4

Half a millennium ago, in a desperate attempt to defeat the Ithonian Empire, Kanderon Crux and her allies banished the city of Imperial Ithos from the world of Anastis.

Her dread weapon, the Exile Splinter, even erased the memory of its location from the universe. Now it’s returning and bringing the Exile Splinter back with it.

The great powers of the continent are desperately hunting for the site of the lost city, knowledge lost even to Kanderon herself. None know what ancient Ithonian weapons and enchantments might still be found in the ruins, but the Exile Splinter alone would be a prize to justify war.

Hugh and his friends find themselves dragged along on the search, where they’ll face enemy warlocks, sea monsters, liches, unnatural storms, and even a man-eating tiger. However, there’s something they’re not being told about the lost city…something that has even Kanderon and the other great powers terrified.

Includes Murder at Ras Andis, a bonus novella from the Mage Errant series, and a special note from the author.

“Everything is better in The Lost City of Ithos. The characterisation, the complex magic system, the beautiful prose, the world building. But in tandem with that progression from John as an author, the core is that this all feels very NEW and fresh. So excited for the next one, and Ralph’s fabulous performance!”

William • Audible Review

A Traitor in Skyhold

Mage Errant • Book 3

Hugh and his friends have, to his great displeasure, become the center of attention among the student body at Skyhold.

It turns out that surviving the depths of the labyrinth and helping stop a coup both tend to attract notice. If Hugh had his way, he’d happily go back to being just another anonymous student. He has more than enough to deal with already as he starts his second year, between his crushing load of schoolwork, training as a prospective candidate to the Librarians Errant, and navigating a long distance relationship.

Oh, and the fact that Hugh and company have been dragged into trying to catch a traitor on the Skyhold Council doesn’t make life any easier. Nor does it help that the traitor is working with the demon Bakori, who lurks in the depths of the labyrinth below Skyhold, waiting for his chance at revenge.

“The nickname “hammer of the sky” was enough to make this book worth listening to. It’s not often progressive additions to a series actually get better as they go. Big thumbs up to this series over all and this book!”

Clarence • Audible Review

Mage Errant

Publisher’s Pack • Books 1 & 2

This volume contains the first two Mage Errant books, both of which are also available separately.

Into the Labyrinth • Book One:
Hugh of Emblin is, so far as he’s concerned, the worst student that the Academy at Skyhold has ever seen. He can barely cast any spells at all, and those he does cast tend to fail explosively. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also managed to attract the ire of the most promising student of his year – who also happens to be the nephew of a king. Hugh has no friends, no talent, and definitely doesn’t expect a mage to choose him as an apprentice at all during the upcoming Choosing.

When a very unusual mage does choose him as apprentice, however, his life starts to take a sharp turn for the better. Now all he has to worry about is the final test for the first years – being sent into the terrifying labyrinth below Skyhold.

Jewel of the Endless Erg • Book Two:
After surviving Skyhold’s deadly labyrinth, Hugh and his friends are looking forwards to an uneventful summer. Their teacher, Alustin, has chartered a sandship for a training expedition into the vast sea of sand known as the Endless Erg, aiming for the wealthy and powerful desert city of Theras Tel. Hugh’s happier than he’s been in a long, long time, and he’s quite excited for the fresh air, sunshine, and quiet.

Of course, given Hugh’s luck, their summer is going to be anything but quiet. They’re about to be plunged into a morass of pirates, monsters, warring cults, flesh-tearing sandstorms, and a conspiracy against Indris Stormbreaker, the dragon queen of Theras Tel herself.

At least Hugh’s going to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

“I bought this based on a positive review on Reddit and boy am I glad I did! Book One is an excellent take on the magic school genre. Book Two builds on the story in meaningful ways and continues to grow and develop the characters. Book Three will be an instant buy for me when it comes out as an audio book, and I’ll likely pick up any other new books by this author as well.”

James • Audible Review

The Wrack

Plague has come to the continent of Teringia.

As the Wrack makes its slow, relentless march southwards, it will humble kings and healers, seers and merchants, priests and warriors. Behind, it leaves only screams and suffering, and before it, spreads only fear.

Lothain, the birthplace of the Wrack, desperately tries to hold itself together as the plague burns across it and its neighbors circle like vultures. The Moonsworn healers would fight the Wrack, but must navigate distrust and violence from the peoples of Teringia. Proud Galicanta readies itself for war, as the Sunsworn Empire watches and waits for the Wrack to bring its rival low.

The Wrack advances, utterly unconcerned with the plans of men.

“It’s creepy how much this story gets right about our current situation right now. Apparently life imitates art now. This story is uniquely fascinating because it’s both fantasy and reality; go ahead and be forewarned: you will be unsettled and drawn into a magical world that is uncomfortably familiar and entirely believable.”

Hera • Audible Review