Mage Errant Book 6 Release


Mage Errant Book 6: Tongue Eater, is now available on Amazon! This one also contains the bonus Mage Errant novella Gram of Clan Castis.

Mage Errant Book 6 Release2022-04-24T19:11:19-04:00

Book 6 News


Sorry for being a little quiet on here for a while now! So, as much as I wanted to try and get Mage Errant Book 6 out this year, it looks like...

Book 6 News2022-02-24T18:24:52-05:00

Mage Errant 5 Audiobook Release


The audiobook of The Siege of Skyhold, Mage Errant Book 5, narrated by the amazing Ralph Lister, is now out on Audible! I'm hard at work on...

Mage Errant 5 Audiobook Release2022-02-24T18:25:48-05:00

New Mage Errant Art!


I just commissioned new Mage Errant art of Imperial Ithos before and after its destruction to celebrate hitting a thousand members on r/MageErrant! Check it out on Reddit!

New Mage Errant Art!2022-02-24T14:31:21-05:00

Mage Errant Book 5 out now!


Mage Errant Book 5, The Siege of Skyhold, is out now on Amazon! The paperback should be out next week (knock on wood), and the audiobook...

Mage Errant Book 5 out now!2022-02-24T18:27:57-05:00

Aetherverse to Aetheriad


I've officially decided to change the name of my multiverse from the Aetherverse to the Aetheriad. Aetherverse was far too generic and meh for my taste...

Aetherverse to Aetheriad2022-02-24T18:28:40-05:00

Mage Errant 5 Cover Reveal


I just did the book 5 cover reveal over on r/Fantasy, go give it a look! Also, the official release date is April 14th. I'll let you all know when...

Mage Errant 5 Cover Reveal2022-02-24T18:30:10-05:00

James E. Gunn, 1923-2020


I had the good fortune to take a couple of science fiction classes with Gunn at the University of Kansas a bit over a decade ago, and I can honestly say I wouldn't be the author I am today without...

James E. Gunn, 1923-20202022-02-24T18:31:20-05:00