Mage Errant 5 Cover Reveal


I just did the book 5 cover reveal over on r/Fantasy, go give it a look! Also, the official release date is April 14th. I'll let you all know when...

Mage Errant 5 Cover Reveal2022-02-24T18:30:10-05:00

James E. Gunn, 1923-2020


I had the good fortune to take a couple of science fiction classes with Gunn at the University of Kansas a bit over a decade ago, and I can honestly say I wouldn't be the author I am today without...

James E. Gunn, 1923-20202022-02-24T18:31:20-05:00

Fantasy Megasale


Over 250 books from over a hundred authors are free or $0.99 right now, including the Mage Errant Publisher's Pack! Check it out over on Reddit.

Fantasy Megasale2022-02-24T14:37:03-05:00

Status Update


So I know I was hoping to get book 5 out by the end of the year, but 2020's been kicking my butt too hard. I think...

Status Update2022-02-24T18:32:34-05:00

Ithos Map


If anyone's interested in purchasing a copy of the map of the Lost City of Ithos from the artist, you can totally do so on ArtStation!

Ithos Map2022-03-10T17:52:35-05:00

Lost City of Ithos Paperback/Audiobook


Hey, just a few quick announcements, folks — two for Mage Errant, one for The Wrack! The Lost City of Ithos' paperback is (finally) out. I had...

Lost City of Ithos Paperback/Audiobook2022-03-10T17:55:04-05:00

Mage Errant Updates


I had planned the release of Mage Errant 4 for August 15th, but I came to four very important realizations today: #1: I’ve just been sitting on...

Mage Errant Updates2022-03-10T17:55:38-05:00

The Wrack Audiobook Preorders


The Wrack is coming out on Audible on August 18th, and you can pre-order it now! It's narrated by the incredible Adjoa Andoh, and she's done such a brilliant job.

The Wrack Audiobook Preorders2022-03-10T17:56:17-05:00

The Map Becomes the Territory


If you look at a map of central Asia, there's a sea that doesn't exist on it. If you look at a map of the Western United States...

The Map Becomes the Territory2022-03-10T17:58:19-05:00

The Lost City of Ithos Cover Reveal


I let r/MageErrant have it as a reveal first, but if you aren't a part of that subreddit yet (you should be!), here it is: the official ...

The Lost City of Ithos Cover Reveal2022-03-10T17:59:36-05:00
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