Mage Errant Book 7, the Last Echo of the Lord of Bells, will be coming out May 14th in ebook format, and is available for pre-order now! Paperback should hopefully follow shortly after (though paperbacks are my nemesis, I swear). Audio should be out this summer.

In addition, I just did a cover reveal and art process post on r/Fantasy!

A new kind of war has come to the continent of Ithos.

Airborne mage armies traverse enemy territory in utter secrecy. Vast city-liches conspire to influence events from afar, while city-states and archmages unleash strange new magics in a rapidly accelerating magical arms race. Nations and great powers that have remained quiescent for years have begun reaching out into the growing power vacuum. Magical superweapons and giant monsters are wielded by every side in an deadly tangle of alliances and factions, as each squabbling force spirals in towards their inevitable final conflict. At the center of that spiral lays the capital of the Havath Dominion, where a vengeful madman has proclaimed the precise date and time he will destroy the city.

The Last Echo will ring, and in its wake looms the threat of the Tongue Eater. Hugh and his friends are the only ones who can stop the ancient weapon, but the web of lies they’ve woven is fraying rapidly, and even their own allies have begun to question their mission. Monsters and archmages capable of leveling cities would stop at nothing to claim the Tongue Eater, leaving Hugh and the others with no one to trust.

And if they fail to stop the Tongue Eater, it could mean madness and death for the entire continent.


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