So, first off, the big one: Mage Errant is officially getting translated into German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and French! My awesome audiobook publisher Podium Audio set up the deal, and you can read more about it on their site!

Next, on a more personal level- I just spent the last week exploring Phong Nha-Khe Bang National Park here in Vietnam, and I would HIGHLY recommend it, once the pandemic ends and Vietnam opens up its borders again. Badass caves scattered through a beautiful jungle, highly recommend it. (And no, alas, I didn’t get to visit Son Doong cave.)

Alright, next: Mage Errant hit 1000 reviews on Amazon! Woo!

Oh, and if you didn’t see it last week, I commissioned some artwork to celebrate the Mage Errant subreddit hitting 1,000 subscribers! (It just barely beat the Amazon reviews to the mark.) Check it out here!

Next off is actually not my news, but a fellow author, Alec Hutson, just put his brilliant novel Shadows of Dust on sale for $0.99, and I HIGHLY recommend it — it’s a science fantasy nautical novel with ships on the backs of monsters flying through space. powers, the giant turtle that their ship is built on the shell of, and a captain determined to muddle through on luck. It’s so much fun. (If you’re familiar with Spelljammer, oh, does this scratch all that itch.) If it does well, maybe we can convince Alec to write a sequel, and I REALLY want a sequel, I absolutely loved this book!

John Bierce

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