I had planned the release of Mage Errant 4 for August 15th, but I came to four very important realizations today:

#1: I’ve just been sitting on the completed manuscript, and I’m as angsty to get it into my readers’ hands as a number of them have let me know they are to read it.
#2: I’m my own boss, I can do what I want.
#3: I’m halfway around the world from most of my fans, and timezones are the devil and I’m tired of calculating them.
#4: Time has no meaning in 2020.

So I’m releasing The Lost City of Ithos early! Because, really, why not?

Half a millennium ago, the sphinx Kanderon Crux and her allies banished the city of Imperial Ithos from the world of Anastis, in a desperate attempt to defeat the Ithonian Empire. Her dread weapon, the Exile Splinter, even erased the memory of its location from the universe. Now it’s returning, bringing the Exile Splinter back with it. The great powers of the continent are desperately hunting for the site of the lost city, knowledge lost even to Kanderon herself. None know what ancient Ithonian weapons and enchantments might still be found in the ruins, but even the Exile Splinter alone would be a prize justifying war.

Hugh and his friends find themselves dragged along on the search, where they’ll face enemy warlocks, sea monsters, liches, unnatural storms, and even a man-eating tiger. There’s something they’re not being told about the lost city, however.

Something that has even Kanderon and the other great powers terrified.

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The previous books in the series are going on sale to celebrate! Book 3 is currently on sale for $0.99, while Book 1 will be free and Book 2 will be $0.99 on the 14th! (Pacific Time, so in a few hours.)

In addition, the audiobook for my standalone epidemiological novel The Wrack – which is set in the same multiverse as Mage Errant – is coming out August 18th! It’s narrated by the brilliant Adjoa Andoh, from Doctor Who!

Oh, and I finally commissioned a map! Ask me about the weird geology!

John Bierce


  1. FatGrunt September 11, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    John, book four was excellent! I’ve read so many series since the third book that I forgot how much I enjoy Anastis, its inhabitants, and the magic system. I am eagerly looking forward to the next installment. Travel is still out of the question, and there aren’t any games out that deserve much time being sunk into them. Book 5 by the end of the year is ambitious, but I’m rooting for you. More people need to be exposed to the Aetherverse, and I’m hoping you have great success.

    • johnbierce September 14, 2020 at 10:49 am

      Thank you, I’m really happy you enjoyed it!

      We’ll see with book 5! I’m going to give it a serious go, but no promises in 2020.

  2. Jonathan Terry September 5, 2020 at 12:51 am

    Currently reading Book 4 and enjoying it a lot. I had a having a thought during discussions about Liches and there Demesne which that in the future Hugh ends up becoming a Lich using his three affinities. Crystal has the body, Spatial to hold the mind and finally Stellar as the power, becoming the first mobile Lich of human size. Also is there a place to discuss the series?

  3. Xavier Chavez August 20, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    Audiobook eta?

  4. Eliot M August 20, 2020 at 11:50 am

    Time has no meaning! Congrats, and also that’s a very nice map!

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