Off to the Woods

Off camping for a few days, try not to bring civilization tumbling down while I’m gone.

Book news-wise, I’d meant to send the manuscript for book 3 to my editor before I went camping, but it still needs a couple days of work. It’s so close, though!

4 thoughts on “Off to the Woods

  1. Yo!!! Can’t wait for the next book; been stuck in anticipation since I finished book 2…. Also, have fun camping


  2. Have fun camping! Loved the previous two books. Take as much time as you need in order to keep up the quality!


  3. Absolutely cannot wait!

    I picked up Book one today, and had it finished before I even tried to go to bed, book two followed the first in its ability to consume my attention. I cant wait for book 3 (or 4 for that matter)! Enjoy camping!


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