Into the Labyrinth, the first book in the Mage Errant series, is now available on Amazon. While not the first novel I’ve written, this is the first novel I’ve published! I hope you enjoy it! And as an added treat, Into the Labyrinth is free through the end of Friday.

From the Amazon description:

Hugh of Emblin is, so far as he’s concerned, the worst student that the Academy at Skyhold has ever seen. He can barely cast any spells at all, and those he does cast tend to fail explosively. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also managed to attract the ire of the most promising student of his year ⏤ who also happens to be the nephew of a king. Hugh has no friends, no talent, and definitely doesn’t expect a mage to choose him as an apprentice at all during the upcoming Choosing.

When a very unusual mage chooses him as apprentice, however, his life starts to take a sharp turn for the better. Now all he has to worry about is the final test for the first year students- being sent into the terrifying labyrinth below Skyhold.

John Bierce

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